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I was born in 1964 and have since 1998 spent my time as a Security Officer which can sometimes get a bit boring, so I decided to start learning to paint with watercolours which I thought would be the easiest, how wrong was I?

A popular misconception, but to those who know, painting in watercolours is hard because if you make a mistake you can't simply cover it over like you can with oils or acrylics, you have to think backwards because you have to start with the lightest colours to the darkest.

Some art books that I have read talk about rules for this & rules for that, WHY? As far as I am concerned there are no rules of how a painting should be done, look at Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso for instance, so as long as I am happy and the customer is happy with the results who is to say that the way it was done is wrong?

So check out the galleries and see what you think!

I showed in the 39th LAA exhibition which ran until the 23rd of May 2009 and was awarded the D. McKINNON trophy as my drawing of Stephanie & Caitlin was commended.


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Peter D Wallace Art.

Welcome to my Art. Check out my samples in the galleries, those marked with "sample" are available as limited edition prints up to 50 on photo paper which gives the best reproduction of colours or if you wish B&W take 20% off. Prices are £12 for A5 and £20 for A4. Those marked "example only" are commissioned works for customers where I hold permissions to use for advertising purposes and are not available for sale.

All orders will be sent post free within UK. & R.O.I.

 If you wish to commission a picture prices are from £30 for A5, £60 for A4 and £100 for A3, portraits are from £40 a head from A4 upwards. A 50% deposit will be required on all commissions, drawings will be cheaper of coarse and if you wish a painting on canvas which will be Acrylic paint, prices & size can be discussed when you contact me. When completed I will send you an E-mail with a copy of the work for your approval in case there are any little touches that need changed, after all the customer is always right.

Telephone:- 07751288397 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM.

 Peter Wallace

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